Have you ever faced "Aaayen!!!"

Whenever I go through a CV a popular phrase certainly appears in most of them - Listening to Music. Sometimes I find 'to' missing.
Any way. Come out. On road. In an auto. In buses. On rickshaws. You'll found people practicing their hobby, publicly.
No one is listening to you. Local commutation has succumbed to this hobby. Ask a rickshaw puller, if he can make you reach the destination. After a couple of attempts.
"Aaayen!!!," the rickshaw-puller'd ask removing one earphone from either side.

Would you like to go to xyz area?
Again "Aaayen!!!", may be followed by NO.
If ready, he'd tap his [I've no idea of hers] ear with his favourite cap connected with a wire to a Chinese [mostly] mobile.
Now, you may have to cry to stop.
Here is a bad news:
According to Diana Deutsch, a psychologist at the University of California at San Diego, music isn't distracting only because it siphons off your ability to hear other noises like a car or — super scary — an attacker approaching.
"Music floods the brain and takes over your thought processes," ABC News quoted her as saying. "You concentrate on the lyrics, or the music evokes certain memories or sends you into a daydream."
Some scientists speculate that music may even have the power to dampen your sight. [SourceLINK]
... for all those whose hobby is music.

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